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Top Campercar Hire in Launceston

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LeisureRent isn’t just about providing vehicles; we’re dedicated to crafting memorable experiences. With transparent pricing, a user-friendly booking system, and stellar customer service, you’re in good hands from start to finish. Whether you’re on a short weekend jaunt or a grand Tasmanian road trip, we’ve got your back.

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About Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Point Near Launceston Airport


Launceston Drive Park Fly, 2 Hudson Fysh Drive Western Junction, TAS 7212.

How To Get Here: 

Head for the Shuttle Bus Pick-up Bay and wait for the Launceston Drive Park Fly shuttle van. The van will take you to the car park where your vehicle will be.

If you’re already in Launceston, make your way to Launceston Drive Park Fly, 2 Hudson Fysh Drive to collect your vehicle.

Other Information: 

  • You will need to show some form of identification to the van driver
  • When at their site, you will need to present your driver’s licence to the Office attendant
  • They will then hand you an envelope with the keys to the vehicle
  • If hiring a camper, please refer to the operator’s guide inside your vehicle for operating instructions, as the attendant isn’t able to provide any assistance
  • For vehicle operating assistance, please call LeisureRent on 0429 727 277

Returning Your Vehicle

You will need to return your vehicle to Launceston Drive Park Fly, 2 Hudson Fysh Drive Western Junction, TAS 7212.

When you enter the parking facility, take an entry ticket and park your vehicle.

Leave any accessories in the vehicle and ensure it has a full tank of fuel (charges will apply if not full), then lock the vehicle.

Take the keys and entry ticket to the Office attendant (if unattended call 0456 565 599), and let them know it’s a LeisureRent vehicle return. They will then transfer you to Launceston Airport via their shuttle van.

Please allow at least 20-30 minutes to be transferred back to the terminal.