Why Can Care Hire in Tasmania be Expensive?

October 30, 2023

Tasmania, an island state off Australia’s south coast, is a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. With its rugged wilderness, picturesque landscapes, and rich history, it’s no surprise that many are eager to explore its beauty. As with any popular tourist destination, certain services become high in demand, and car hire is no exception. Read on to learn more from LeisureRent about the reasoning behind high costs for renting a car.

The Popularity of Domestic Travel

One of the main contributors to the high cost of car hire in Tasmania is the surge in domestic travel. With international voyages being unpredictable in recent times, more Aussies are opting for local adventures, leading to an unprecedented demand for car rentals.

This boom in domestic travel puts pressure on hire car companies to provide sufficient vehicles to cater to this demand. However, when demand surpasses supply, prices inevitably rise. And that’s one of the core reasons why car hire in Tasmania can be expensive. You can often save some money by travelling in off-peak periods, which you can learn about Planning Around Public Holidays in Tasmania.

The Diverse Fleet of LeisureRent

LeisureRent, a renowned name in the Tasmanian car rental industry, offers a wide array of vehicles to cater to every traveller’s needs. From regular cars for the solo traveller or a couple on a getaway, to campercars, campervans, and motorhomes for families or groups looking for a more immersive travel experience, LeisureRent has it all.

But why does this diverse fleet matter when discussing the price?

Understanding Vehicle Types and Pricing

Different vehicles come with various costs. Let’s dive deep:

Car Hire

These are your standard vehicles, perfect for city travels or short trips. While they might be the most economical option, the demand for them is consistently high, pushing their hire prices up.

If you’re considering Tasmania, LeisureRent offers the sleek MG3 under its Premium Compact Automatic or the robust MGZS as a Compact SUV, allowing you to explore Tasmania’s treasures with unlimited kilometres.

Furthermore, if your plans are disrupted by COVID, you can book with peace of mind knowing a full refund is available.

Additionally, LeisureRent values its customers, promising a PRICE BEAT POLICY; if you spot a more affordable rate for a similar vehicle elsewhere, we’ll aim to outdo it. Do note that availability might be limited, so it’s best to get your requests in early to secure these cars.

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Campercar Hire

A unique blend of comfort and mobility, campercars offer a compact solution for those looking to combine their transport and accommodation. Their versatility makes them popular, especially during peak travel seasons, leading to higher rental rates.

At LeisureRent, our campercars could be your ideal travel companion. Equipped with a handy metho stove, a modest drawer fridge, and a dinette that easily transforms into a double bed, it ensures a cosy stay. However, keep in mind that standing upright inside isn’t an option.

And just like their standard cars, you’re safeguarded with a full refund policy in case COVID hinders your plans, plus the benefit of unlimited kilometres to journey freely across Tassie. Find out more here about whether a Campercar is the best hire option instead of a Car in Tasmania for you.

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Campervan Hire

Campervans are larger than campercars and offer more amenities. Their comprehensive features, coupled with high demand, result in elevated hire costs.

LeisureRent’s 2-Berth Campervan is tailored for duos, encompassing a snug double bed, dinette, and a kitchenette decked out with a sink, stove, microwave, and fridge, ensuring meal prep on-the-go is a breeze. These comprehensive inclusions naturally make them a sought-after option, contributing to higher rental fees.

Adding to the appeal is its automatic and compact design, which promises effortless manoeuvrability, ideal for Tasmania’s diverse terrains. Our motorhomes are complemented by unlimited kilometres for unhindered exploration. In essence, it marries convenience and comfort, redefining the Tasmanian road trip experience. Check out our article about Essential Tips for Navigating Tasmania for First Time Campervan Drivers for more information.


Motorhome Hire

The epitome of travel luxury, motorhomes are fully equipped moving homes. With features like a bathroom, kitchen, and spacious sleeping areas, they are perfect for extended family trips. Their luxury and convenience come at a price, making them one of the more expensive options to hire.

LeisureRent’s 4 Berth Motorhome is designed for flexible accommodation, catering to either four adults or a mix of two adults and two kids. Families with infants can also avail themselves of child restraints for added safety. If you’re travelling with children, we go through in depth tips for hiring a Motorhome for Exploring Tasmania with Kids.

Beyond its sleeping quarters, which boast a transforming dinette and a lofty Queen bed above the driver’s space, the vehicle is flush with amenities. From the convenience of a private shower and toilet to a fully-equipped kitchen featuring a sink, stove, microwave, and fridge – every journey feels like home. You’ll receive unlimited kilometres, which underscores its invaluable investment in luxury travel hire.

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Hire Car Companies and Their Struggles

In the evolving landscape of transportation, car hire companies, such as LeisureRent, find themselves grappling with numerous overhead costs. One of the major expenditures they encounter is maintaining a versatile and modern fleet. This isn’t just about owning vehicles, but also ensuring that each of those cars is in impeccable condition, ready to serve the customer without a hitch.

Then there’s the commitment to premium customer service – a non-negotiable in today’s competitive market, which often requires trained personnel, efficient systems, and sometimes, even the integration of cutting-edge technology. All these elements come together to create a seamless rental experience, but they also drive up operational costs.

When you then factor in the burgeoning demand for car hires, especially in tourist-rich regions like Tasmania, it becomes clearer why prices can be on the higher side.

Don’t Be Discouraged by the Cost of Care Hire in Tasmania

While the expense associated with car hire in Tasmania might seem daunting, understanding the reasons behind the pricing can help travellers make informed decisions. Whether you’re considering a standard car or a luxurious motorhome from LeisureRent, remember that the experience of exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania is priceless.

By opting for companies like LeisureRent, which offers a wide variety of vehicles, travellers can choose a mode of transport that fits both their needs and budget, ensuring a memorable Tasmanian adventure. Tasmania is an exciting and beautiful island that needs to be on your bucket list. You can find out some of the Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Tasmania to further pique your interest.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, and choosing the right vehicle can make all the difference. Book with LeisureRent for your next trip down under in Tasmania, or give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.

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