Exploring Famous Landmarks in Tasmania

September 14, 2023

Ready to discover Tasmania’s famous landmarks? From majestic mountains and sprawling national parks to historical sites, Tasmania is rich with iconic landmarks that beg exploration. 

In this quick guide from LeisureRent, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most famous landmarks you shouldn’t miss on your Tasmanian adventure.

Cradle Mountain – Nature at Its Best

Located in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the majestic Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s most iconic natural landmarks. The Dove Lake Circuit provides excellent views of the mountain, while more adventurous hikers might want to tackle the challenging summit climb. If you’re interested in more exciting activities, learn more from our Adventure Activity Ideas in Tasmania.

view of cradle mountain under a blue sky and clouds

Mount Wellington – Hobart’s Backdrop

Dominating Hobart’s skyline, Mount Wellington provides panoramic views over the city, Derwent River, and beyond. Whether you drive, cycle, or hike to the summit, the vista from the Pinnacle observation deck is worth every effort. Make sure you’re well equipped with knowing the Best Time to Visit Tasmania too.

peak view of clouds and terrain in mount wellington

Port Arthur Historic Site – Echoes of the Past

Port Arthur offers a profound journey into Australia’s colonial past. This World Heritage-listed site, once a convict settlement, is now an open-air museum where visitors can learn about Australia’s early European history and explore restored buildings and ruins. You can get around easily to this historic site (and other locations) with the convenience of hiring a motorhome or campervan with us.

Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay – A Coastal Splendour

No visit to Tasmania would be complete without witnessing the breathtaking beauty of Wineglass Bay, located in Freycinet National Park. This idyllic, curved beach, often listed among the world’s top beaches, offers fantastic hiking and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Cataract Gorge – A Natural Wonder in the City

Just minutes from Launceston’s city centre, Cataract Gorge offers a unique natural playground with walking trails, a suspension bridge, a swimming pool, and the world’s longest single-span chairlift. This urban reserve is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) – A Cultural Phenomenon

A visit to MONA is an essential part of any Tasmanian itinerary. This cutting-edge museum is not just a place to view art, but an experience that provokes thought and often challenges convention. It’s the largest privately funded museum in the Southern Hemisphere and is sure to leave a lasting impression. Be aware of Planning Your Trip in Tasmania Around Public Holidays to make sure each destination you visit is open.

hallway inside the museum of old and new art in tasmania with two people at the end

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Encounter the Iconic Tassie Devil with a trip to Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without meeting the island’s most famous resident—the Tasmanian devil. At the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo, you can learn about this unique marsupial, its conservation status, and even witness feeding times. If you’re travelling with kids, make sure you read our article about Finding the Perfect Motorhome for Exploring Tasmania with Kids.

An Invitation to Explore More of Tasmania

Tasmania is a land rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Each landmark offers a unique piece of the Tasmanian story, and the journey to each is an adventure in itself. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or an art enthusiast, Tasmania’s famous landmarks promise memorable experiences for everyone.

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