The handbrake
The handbrake is located below the dash to the left side of the steering wheel. Pull handle towards you to engage. To release, press the button on the handle and rotate inwards whilst pushing all the way inwards.
The fuel-door
The fuel-door release is located to the lower right side of the steering wheel. Pull to open the fuel-door that is located on the passenger’s side of the campervan. Use only unleaded petrol.
The 240v power socket

The 240v power socket is located on the driver’s side of the vehiclel. Lift the cap, plug the provided extension cable in and connect to a 15amp caravan park power point, then switch on the power. This will recharge the campervan’s house battery in about 4-5 hours (its fine to leave plugged in overnight). The microwave oven and power points will now be operational once plugged into power. We recommend ‘plugging in’ to a powered site every third day. There is a circuit breaker either in the right hand cupboard (next to the wardrobe) in some models, or just where the dinette table is stored in other models, if you don’t have power coming into the van reset the circuit breaker switch.

The house battery is recharged as you drive, and the solar panel also assists in recharging that battery.

The fresh water cap
The fresh water cap (not locked) is located near the driver’s door. To remove cap, twist anticlockwise (to the left) while pressing it in firmly. Capacity is approximately 30 litres, refill with the hose provided.
The LP gas bottle door
The LP gas bottle door, located on the driver’s side rear is opened using the ‘washer’ on the key ring (or a coin) turn the tap anti-clockwise (left) to turn gas on; clockwise (right) to shut off. The gas must be off when travelling – the bottle does not need to be returned full. This is where the vehicle’s Key Safe is also located
The waste water

The waste water from the sink drains from below the vehicle, near the rear on the passenger’s side. Use the bucket provided to collect water and empty in an appropriate area. The water pump is activated by the switch located to the left of the microwave oven, this needs to be turned on to allow water to flow to the sink

The side door will slide all the way towards the rear of the van where it will ‘hold’ in position. To release and close the door, lift either the handle on the outside, or the internal handle. Mind your head when getting in and out of the campervan.

Dinette table pole
In the side doorway is a storage hatch which contains the ‘pole’ for the dinette table. Place the pole in the ‘hole’ in the floor and slot the tabletop onto this. The tabletop is stored against the wall in the dinette area.
Inside the rear door
Inside the rear door in the shelves at the back you will see the hose to refill the water tank and the 240v extension cable. On the inside of the rear door is a ‘ring pull’. This will allow you to open the rear door from inside the van. (Note – this WILL NOT unlock the van, so don’t close the door unless you have the keys with you). Take note of the fire extinguisher’s location
The spare tyre
The spare tyre is located underneath the van. Access the spare via the ‘plug’ on the floor just inside the rear door. Use the tools provided in the tool kit, located in the step of the sliding door.
Storage space
Storage space is found beneath the dinette bench seat and the two rear seats. You will also find two boards that help make the double bed.
To make the bed
To make the bed, first ensure the dinette table is stowed away. Then slide the long bench seat towards the two forward facing rear seats. Use the back-rest seat squab from the bench seat as an infill, then place the two boards (found under the forward-facing seats) and place on top of the ‘rails’ in-between the two rear seats. Now use one of the back-rest seat squabs from one of these seats as an infill.
Using the overhead bunk bed
Using the overhead bunk bed, first move the boards that form the base of the bed into position by placing them towards the rear of the van, and cover with the mattress. Take care when getting up and down from the bedding area. (The weight limit for the overhead bed is 80 kg).
The fridge
The fridge can be set to the desired temperature via the control on the top-right of the fridge, open by the vertical latch on the top-left. The fridge can be left on continuously.
The microwave oven
The microwave oven and power points will only operate when the campervan is plugged into a caravan park’s power supply.
Using the gas cook top and griller
Using the gas cook top and griller, first turn on the LPG bottle by turning the valve anti-clockwise (left). Lift the lid to the cooker and turn the required knob anti-clockwise (left) and push the knob inwards, whilst holding the knob inwards ignite the burner, leaving the knob pressed in to ensure the flame stays alight, then adjust to the required setting.
To open the windows
To open the windows, first release the two latches to the left and then slowly wind the handle anti-clockwise (left) to open; close and fasten the latches before travelling.
The 12V home battery
The 12V home battery operates the lights, fridge and water pump without needing to be connected to 240V mains power.
Before heading off
Before heading off after a night’s camping always walk around the vehicle to make sure everything is unplugged, windows closed and latched and tyres are OK.

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