The Origin History of Vans and its Impact on the Travel Industry as Campercars

October 31, 2023

The automotive industry is vast, with myriad vehicle types designed for various purposes. One such vehicle, rooted deeply in history and utility, is the van. But have you ever wondered about the origin history of vans and how they have impacted the travel industry? LeisureRent dive deep into the history of vans in this article.

A Brief Backstory About Vans

The term “van” traces its lineage to the word “caravan”, which in its early days was used to describe a covered truck or wagon, primarily designed to transport cargo. This etymology offers a hint of the van’s primary function: to move goods effectively. It was a vehicle type birthed out of necessity, answering the call for more efficient transport means in the bustling industrial landscape of Europe, especially the UK. Now, it is a very common type of vehicle to see in Australia and in all parts of the world.

As the decades passed, the purpose and design of vans evolved, moving away from just being a ‘carry van’ or cargo transporter to multi-faceted vehicles catering to various needs – from serving as mobile homes to being integral to businesses like catering and removal firms.

Vans vs. Regular Cars

At the core, both cars and vans are vehicles meant to transport, but their purposes diverge significantly. Cars, designed primarily for personal transport, focus on comfort, style, and sometimes speed. Vans, on the other hand, are built for utility. They prioritise space, durability, and load-bearing capacity. Commercial vans, for instance, are pivotal in sectors like internet shopping and home deliveries.

campervan vehicle with people in the outback

The Evolution and Impact of Vans on the Travel Industry

The history of the van is marked by significant milestones. One such is the role of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. In 1896, this iconic name in the auto industry produced the world’s first motorised truck, setting the stage for what would eventually become the modern van. Karl Benz, another monumental figure, played a role in the van’s evolution, crafting a vehicle that bore striking similarities to contemporary vans.

With the advent of vehicles like the Volkswagen Type and Ford Transit, the travel industry saw a revolution. These models, among the best-selling vans, not only changed the way goods were transported but also laid the foundation for the camper van culture that thrived in Europe and beyond.

The Present Landscape of Vans

Van traffic has grown exponentially over the years. Vans account for a significant chunk of total traffic. This surge can be attributed to various factors – from the rise in internet shopping to the less stringent regulations concerning driver training and roadworthiness testing for vans compared to their bigger counterparts, the lorries.

Today, vans are more than just transport vehicles. They represent a culture, a lifestyle, and for many, a livelihood. Companies like LeisureRent have tapped into this ethos, providing services tailored to the unique needs of people travelling in Tasmania searching for a hybrid driving solution in the form of a campervan. Read more information in our articles about the Essential Tips for Navigating Tasmania for First Time Campercan Drivers and our Ultimate Guide of Choosing a Motorhome or Campervan for Hire.

Campercar Solutions Available for Hire with LeisureRent

Exploring Tasmania becomes a memorable experience with LeisureRent’s Campercar. Crafted with avid travellers in mind, it is essentially a van with the main purpose of travelling conveniently.

A front passengers side

The Campercar is not just a vehicle but a compact home on wheels, letting adventurers immerse themselves in the Tasmanian wilderness while ensuring comfort and convenience.

Our Renault Kangoo models have an in-built metho stove that allows travellers to whip up quick meals, while the compact drawer fridge ensures that perishables remain fresh. Evenings can be made cosy in the adaptable dinette, which effortlessly transforms into a snug double bed. An awning further provides a shaded retreat for those sunny days.

Though the compact design does restrict the ability to stand upright inside, this feature ensures easy navigation through Tasmania’s diverse terrains. If you’re unsure which type of automotive solution you should choose, check out our article about which mode of transport to travel Tasmania in.

Furthermore, LeisureRent values its customers’ peace of mind, offering a full refund in the event that unforeseen circumstances, like covid, hinder travel plans. The freedom of unlimited kilometres ensures uninterrupted exploration. Choose the Campercar for hire, and let your Tasmanian adventure begin. Be sure to know the Best Time to Visit Tasmania and Planning Your Trip Around Public Holidays to make the most out of your trip.

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Vans Have Transformed Travelling Today

Vans, over the years, have proven their worth, moving beyond their origin history to become indispensable tools in today’s fast-paced world. As vans continue to evolve, one thing remains certain – vans have and will continue, to play a pivotal role in shaping the transport and travel narrative globally.

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