Planning Your Trip in Tasmania Around Public Holidays

August 23, 2023

Planning a Tasmanian adventure? Why not time it with public holidays to make the most of your trip? Tasmania celebrates several public holidays throughout the year, providing unique cultural experiences and festival atmospheres.

In this guide from LeisureRent, we’ll help you be aware of these holidays so you can plan your trip for an unforgettable Tasmanian experience.

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Australia Day (Every 26th of January)

Australia Day on 26th January marks the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships in 1788. The day is a nationwide public holiday celebrated with community events, outdoor concerts, and fireworks displays. In Tasmania, you can join locals at festive events across Hobart, Launceston, and other towns.

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Easter Holidays (Falls between March and April)

Easter in Tasmania is not just a long weekend, but a time for the celebration of arts, sports, and local culture. The holiday coincides with a range of festivals like the National Folk Festival and the Bay of Fires Art Prize, making it a fantastic time to visit the island state.

ANZAC Day, A Day of Remembrance (Every 25th of April)

ANZAC Day on 25th April is a national day of remembrance in Australia. It’s an opportunity to pay respects to the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during WWI. Attending the dawn service in Hobart or Launceston can be a solemn and moving experience.

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King’s Birthday, Formerly Queen’s Birthday (Every 2nd Monday of June)

The King’s Birthday, formerly known as The Queen’s Birthday, falls on the second Monday in June and coincides with Tasmania’s winter, a season full of charm. Many Tasmanians embrace the chill with the Dark Mofo winter festival, a unique blend of arts, food, and culture that can be a highlight of any Tasmanian trip.

Christmas & Boxing Day (25th and 26th December)

Christmas and Boxing Day are public holidays celebrated during Tasmania’s summer. It’s a perfect time to explore Tasmania’s beaches, parks, and hiking trails. Plus, you can join the local celebrations, visit Christmas markets, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Planning Tips & Considerations To Make the Most of Your Trip

When planning your trip around public holidays, consider the following:

  1. Booking early is key, as flights and accommodations often fill up quickly around public holidays.
  2. Some businesses may close on public holidays, so plan your itinerary accordingly.
  3. Public holidays can be busier with locals also travelling, but they also offer unique events and experiences.

Plan a Holiday Experience in Tasmania Like No Other

A trip to Tasmania during a public holiday can add an extra dimension to your adventure. The unique cultural events and festive atmosphere can provide a deeper insight into local life on the island.

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