Automatic and very compact

Explore Hobart with the Best Campervans

Explore Hobart’s art, food, outdoor activities, and stunning natural landscapes in the comfort and safety of one of our campervans. Hobart is one of the best places to pick up your hired campervan and start your adventure.

We’re a locally owned vehicle rental business in Tasmania with a wide range of campervans to accommodate various group sizes.


About Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Point Near Hobart Airport


Warehouse 6/14 Kennedy Drive Cambridge, TAS 7170.

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm (excluding public holidays).

How To Get Here: 

Call our shuttle bus driver on 0484 186 578 to pick you up at Hobart Airport.

Other Information: 

Outside of the above details, we are only a 5 minute taxi or Uber drive from Hobart Airport.

  • Your vehicle will be parked outside the depot
  • There is a lockbox on the left hand side of the roller door
  • Your keys will be in an envelope with your name written on the envelope
  • The registration number of your vehicle will be on the keytag
  • You’ll be given the PIN for the lockbox as part of your booking confirmation

Returning Your Vehicle

Please return your campercar to Warehouse 6/14 Kennedy Drive Cambridge, TAS 7170. Any time from 8am and 4:30pm between Monday to Friday.

We will gladly drive you back to Hobart Airport. Please call our shuttle bus driver on 0484 186 578.

All other times, please pack the vehicle and place the keys in the lock box to the left of the roller door using the PIN code you were issued. Proceed to call a taxi or Uber to take you back to Hobart Airport.