Travelling Tasmania which mode of transport

September 5, 2017

You’ve heard all about the beauty of Tasmania, right?

Being an Island State, if you’re coming to visit then you’ll need transport to see all that’s on offer; there’s many options you can consider – doing a guided tour by coach, using public transport (which has limitations), Cycling around the Island, renting a car or hiring a Campervan. You can of course bring your own vehicle from Mainland Australia via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

map of tasmania

I’m unashamedly going to suggest you hire a Campervan with LeisureRent for your adventure and, “Explore Tasmania your way!” Why?

With a Campervan you have your bed with you wherever you go; you’re not locked into a schedule to be at your accommodation by any given time, and if you’ve pre-booked your accommodation what if you don’t like the location when you get there? We even have options about motorhomes which you can read in our Guide to Choosing a Motorhome or Campervan for Hire

Campervanning throughout Tasmania allows total freedom; it’s legal to camp wherever you like (providing you obey any signage to the contrary), so if you like the area you’re visiting then stay a while, if not simply move on until you find a spot to call your own.

camping site

Unlike motel accommodation you unpack only once; with the Campervan option the quality is consistent throughout your stay, there’s no 10am check-out and you can prepare your own meals, allowing you to keep costs in check.

There’s ample Caravan Parks scattered throughout Tasmania for you to stay – many having great amenities where you can make new friends whilst cooking a BBQ in the communal kitchen and sharing your travel plans. If you want to know more about the history of vans, check out our article about The Origin History of Campervans.

camp ground

It’ll take at least 3 weeks and over 2,500 kilometres to explore Tasmania, so if you don’t have the time, you should concentrate on selected areas rather than trying to cover all the States in a week.


Campervanning is perhaps the most economical way to see Tasmania when compared with the options listed above, so when it comes time to consider your next holiday adventure give hiring a campervan a go and…

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